Tuesday Update

So, here I am, one week in. And it sucked. After Day 3 of this 30 Day Shred, I got WALLOPED with illness, which kept me quite sluggish and headached and very unmotivated to workout. Usually, I’m one of those people who NEVER gets sick… but when I do, it’s like I have the plague. So I missed FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. A mortal sin in my workout rules. However, being healthy and sane enough to take care of my child is priority number one, so working out really took the back seat this past week.


I am still so motivated to get back at it! Tomorrow, I’ll be continuing on at Day 4. I’ll post some measurements at the end of level 1.

Happy sweating, my friends!


Day 1

Hello there, internet! Welcome to my fitness blog. The first thing I want to say is that I know almost nothing about fitness. Well, I know a little, but I wouldn’t call myself a pro in any sense. I’m just here to document what I do and share what works for me.

I welcome anyone and everyone to join me in this workout program. If you want to tag along, please follow, comment, or message me so we can share our success!

For my first fitness venture, I’m taking on the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Since I’m not into watching the same workout video day in and day out, I wrote down the workout and times for each exercise, and I set up an interval timer app. This way, I can watch more interesting things while I work out. I decided to start my fitness journey with this program because a close fitness guru friend of mine raves about Jillian’s workouts.

So I did it today. And I loved it.

I found the workout challenging enough, but very easy to modify for different needs (since giving birth, jumping jacks are not an ideal move for me just yet 😉 ).


chest: 37″
waist: 38.5″
hips: 46″
legs: 27″
arms: 15″

I’ve also decided to add in a 30 day beginner yoga regime because I’ve always wanted to get into yoga, so I figured why not start now! I’ve chosen to do the Fightmaster Yoga videos on YouTube, but there are literally hundreds of instructors you can choose from, so take the time to find one you like.